Crescent Beach, Nova Scotia

20 01 2012

Crescent Beach is a popular summer destination, near Lunenburg, but we prefer to walk the beach in the winter. The quickest route there, is to go by the LaHave Ferry.

Here is a link to the Google map of the beach and the Islands.

The sand bar connects some of LaHave Islands to the mainland.

A large post fence was build in the 1930’s to protect the sand dunes, but after damage to the road in 2007, huge rocks were placed behind the fence.


Looking over to Green Bay.

The beach slopes gently and is a safe place to swim.

This bright footwear  made me smile.

This boat house sits on bush Island. You can see the bridge behind it which takes you onto Jenkins and Bell Islands.

We watched this lobster boat picking up its traps as we sat and had our picnic. The sail seemed to be to keep it steady while the lobsterman lifted the creels.

Looking through to another cove.

I always think this looks like a Scottish castle sitting on the rocks, but I think it is just a group of trees on the Thrum Caps.

It must be pretty idylic to spend the summer in one of these cottages on Bell Island. I’m not sure about the winter though.




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20 01 2012

Jackie, I’ve been wanting to go to Crescent Beach for ages, but not in peak season. These lovely shots make me want to go even more.

Had to look up “thrum cap” … looks just like one …

Bet Lynne doesn’t have to look it up.

21 01 2012

You’ll get there one day Sybil. I think we will try to kayak around the LaHave Islands, it looks perfect for that. I didn’t really think about the meaning of thrum cap. I knew that J. M. Barrie, writer of Peter Pan, called Kirriemuir Thrums, because Kirriemuir was a weaving town. A thrum is the wispy end piece of unspun fleece from the loom. In Kirriemuir there’s the Thrums Hotel, Thrums Garage, etc. For some reason, I can’t comment on your Blogs, but I’ll keep trying!

23 01 2012

My husband and I love going to the beaches in winter. We are anxiously waiting for his knee to heel after surgery, and then we can get out there again!

31 01 2012

Hi Sara,Thanks for visiting my Blog. Where are you in Nova Scotia?

31 01 2012

we’re in Upper Branch…just north of Bridgewater. We try to get to Crescent and Rissers Beaches at least once a month. (wish it was more often!)

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