Sea Ice

26 02 2012

I thought I’d better get out and take some photos of winter, before it turns to Spring.

Every year, I am amazed when the sea freezes here in Nova Scotia.

This winter hasn’t been deperately cold, yet the bays have still been freezing over.

There won’t be many lobster boats going fishing from this bay.

This is another inlet, where we kayak in the summer. The ice looked solid enough for ice yachting,

or skating, hockey or fishing.

But there were no sportsmen around.

I love the way the ice breaks and heaves around rocks.

I’m not sure what this trail across the ice was.

I had hoped to get out and see the ice yachters this winter, but I might now be too late to catch the action.




2 responses

26 02 2012

I love the way the ice over the rocks cracks and drops down with the out-going tides …

Can’t wait for spring, even though this has been a pretty gentle winter.

What a marvellous place to go kayaking. Do you have sea kayaks ? I just have in-land flat-water kayaks, and didn’t even get out last year. Sigh …

27 02 2012

Hi Sybil,I’m still quite happy with winter yet, but then I’m so glad we have different seasons and not just a hot or cold climate. We have a double kayak. Here are a couple of Blogs I wrote about our trips.

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