The Picton Castle Leaves Lunenburg

18 04 2012

The Picton Castle returned to Lunenburg last June after her 5th World voyage.

We have enjoyed seeing her in Lunenburg all winter, but knew that she’d leave soon on another trip.

Her new crew arrived and last week was a busy week, preparing the ship and taking on supplies.

I thought these were boxes of crisps or potato chips, but on looking closer, I see they are apples, with a Trout label, from Chelan Lake.

The ship was due to leave Lunenburg Harbour at 2pm, on Monday.

But the fog had come in overnight

and you could hardly see across the bay to the golf course.

The crew were swabbing the deck,

the bananas were sleeping,

and the laundry was hung out to dry.

T shirts were handed out to the crew and the decision made to wait until Tuesday morning to sail.

It was still foggy yesterday, but I spotted the Picton Castle as she motored out of the bay, heading for Bermuda. I hope she managed to find enough wind to raise her sails. Today is a beautiful day. I’m sure they’ll all have a wonderful trip.




One response

18 04 2012

The bananas in their sling was an interesting photo Jackie. What an adventure. WOW.

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