Bay of Fundy

30 04 2012

I am fascinated by rocks. Their shape, size, colour, pattern, all give me a great feeling of amazement.

The granitic Tors on Ben Avon in Scotland inspired me to paint their unique shapes.

I never tired of photographing the quartzite sea stacks at Portknockie.

I am impressed by the granitic boulders at Peggy’s Cove.

So, when I read about sea caves at Cheverie, Hants County, we headed there yesterday, to take a look. It was dull, no bright sunshine to brighten any photos.

The tide was well out on the Bay of Fundy, but as we left the car, a north wind hit us. It was so cold at Johnson Cove, that we thought we might freeze to death before we reached the caves, so we returned to the car and drove a little further to Mutton Cove.

The beach here was sheltered fom the north, so we headed back towards Johnson cove.

Despite it now snowing, I forgot about the cold as I caught sight of the rock faces.

Horizontal bands of white and pink set above layers of breaking shale.

Vertical columns

pushed up from the horizontal.

Folded, twisted, blacks and reds.

Some sitting adrift on the beach floor.

Rock stacks, that have split off from the land but still have a growth of trees on the top.

And around the corner, the north wind did blow, and white horses raced on a chocolate sea.

So, we retreated to the car and drove to Block Wharf Road,  for our picnic.

This wall of gypsum was opposite us. Gypsum has been mined in this area since 1934.

I think I must take a course in geology to understand the formation  of rocks, although it cannot increase my love for these natural formations.

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30 04 2012

Jackie, I have been to that gypsum formation. Did you get close to it ? The rock pieces are amazing when you get close.

Where exactly are those marvellous places with those wonderful bent rock strata (? is that the right word?).

If you’re interested in such things, there is a marvellous book, written for the lay person called, “The Last Billion Years: A Geological History of the Maritime Provinces of Canada”.

What is the “open PDF” box toward the bottom of the page ?

1 05 2012

I have no idea what the ‘open PDF’ means – I can’t see it! Has someone put something on my page?

Thanks for the book title, I will certainly look for that, then I might know what I’m looking at.
We went to Cheverie and then along Ocean Beach Road. You can park at the end and go right onto the beach. Those photos were taken just there, but the caves seem to be further round towards Johnson Cove.

2 05 2012

A beautifully written piece, Jacqueline, to accompany your fascinating photos! Thanks for sharing 🙂

2 05 2012

Thanks for visiting my Blog, Lorraine. I saw that my photo of Portknockie was out of focus – after I had scanned it from a hard copy. I must have confused the camera, with the flowers in the foreground and the cliffs behind.

7 05 2012

I have some amazing photos of rocks in Australia as well – I must find them and show them to you.

8 05 2012

I’d love to see them.

8 05 2012

I’d love to see them, Joyce.

11 08 2013

There’s a map you should get called, “Nova Scotia Rocks”. Geological maps and info for the newbie.

11 10 2013

Jackie, Mutton Cove is across the Hwy from the house I want to buy. Cove Road leads to the same place as Block Wharf Road. I recognize those wonderful rocks and the amazing strata. And it’s just around the point from that long beach with the gypsum cliff at one end. I love that area of the Province.

18 10 2013

That house sounds perfect for you, Sybil. It would be fantastic to have those walks right on your doorstep. You could give us all more photos of the rocks. I never tire of rocks.

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