A Walk at Hell’s Point, Kingsburg

17 06 2012

The walk around Hell’s Point at Kingsburg is one we often take. It is only an 8 Km walk and is just a short drive from our house, making it convenient for any time of the year.

We usually start at Hirtle’s Beach Car Park and walk through the village of Kingsburg to Kingsburg Road.

From there we head onto the seashore and make our way around the first bay.

We pass this house with the square tower, which was originally a church and was moved 400 Km to this location.

A grassy path leads around the coast.

S0metimes you walk on grass, sometimes rocks.

You can look back across to Rose Head.

Sorry, this photo was taken on a dull day. You continue along the oceanfront towards another house with a square tower.

The public track goes along the edge of the property.

Then past this modern property, which I really like.

You are now on the opposite side of the peninsula from King’s Bay and heading back towards Hirtle’s Beach.

You can see a house in the distance on Beach Hill Road.

This house slightly concerns me.

The cliff face in front is falling away with every big storm.

Perhaps the owner plans to move the house, back from the edge before the inevitable happens..

We pass along the top of the cliff in front of the houses on Beach Hill Road, or, if the tide is out walk along the beach.

Back to car park.

You can see this walk on Google Maps. If it is too short it can be combined with the walk from the car park to Gaff Point and back, making a total of 16 Kms.




6 responses

17 06 2012

Jackie, “ONLY 8 km” ?! lol You put me to shame ! That cliff-side house does look rather perilous. What a wonderful walk. Thanks for taking me along.

18 06 2012

We were used to day long hikes in Scotland and haven’t discovered any really long walks yet. At the same time, we’re getting older and might not manage a 20 mile walk now!

18 06 2012
Lorraine aka Grannypoppy

Enjoyed the walk! Very different architecture from that on this coast! 🙂

19 06 2012

Thanks Lorraine. How does the architecture differ at Powel River?

1 07 2012

The walk looks really lovely – I sometimes do an 8km walk near us but it is a cycle path as well and goes between 2 towns and a lot of it follows the main road. Not much to see really.

2 07 2012

Yes, Joyce, we have walks and cycles on the old railway trails, but they’re mainly through woods, so nothing to see. They’re great in the winter, when it’s snowy or very windy. We prefer the coastal walks – where every day is different.

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