Canada Day Fireworks

2 07 2012

I was lucky this year in the IWK Lottery and actually won a prize. It was a little Nikon Coolpix camera and I thought, as it had a ‘Fireworks’ feature, I’d try it out at the Canada Day fireworks at New Germany .

The colours flashed brightly,

                                                    in a smoke-filled sky.

Gold glittered on black,

                                                     but silver sparkled and shone,

                                                  with lines twisting and turning at every angle.

Some looked like ballerinas

                                                                 others like hot metalic palm trees.Threads of light shot upwards,

                                              and spread, like ribbons of lava from a volcano.

A star exploded,

Then the Grand Finale.

I didn’t even take these photos. Jeff and I were exhausted after a hot day kayaking, so had to leave Cameron with the camera to try it out for us.

Conclusion: The Nilkon Coolpix is a great little camera. Pity it wasn’t the waterproof version for kayaking.




5 responses

2 07 2012
Lenore Diane

Those are incredible shots! I didn’t know a ‘fireworks’ feature existed. Very nice.

2 07 2012

Thanks for visiting my Blog. We’ll see if the camera performs as well in my hands, as my son’s!

2 07 2012

Oh lovely photos. I want that feature too Jackie.

3 07 2012

Thanks Sybil, I’ll have to find out what else it can do.

31 07 2012
Kimberly Konkol

Amazing photos! We didn’t get to watch fireworks this year, so it was very nice to see your pictures. 🙂

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