Blue Rocks, kayaking again.

5 07 2012

Today is wet and foggy, but I don’t mind as we have had a really good spell of weather.

Yesterday we took the kayaks down to Blue Rocks, again.

We left Blue Rocks, before 8 am.


The sea was like a mill pond, as we headed out beyond these little islands.

This island has 3 houses on it and  is linked to Stonehurst by a  small wooden bridge. I mentioned it in a previous blog about ouhouses.

We tried to catch some mackerel for lunch, but no luck.

What is so amazing about Blue Rocks and Stonehurst are these narrow channels, many accessible by kayak only.

It’s like entering another world.

Slabs of rock and stunted trees.We didn’t see any otters on this trip, but there are plenty around – hopefully next time.

We paddled back around to the other side of the little island,

and under the bridge,

back along to Blue Rocks.

I feel so fortunate to have such a place, so close to home,

with exciting paddling, great wildlife, and colourful boat sheds.




4 responses

5 07 2012

These lovely images are inspiring me to get my kayak in the water. I love sliding across the glassy water.

5 07 2012

Get it in the water and get going, Sybil, it’s just a great way to travel –
silent,and completely at your own pace.

6 07 2012

I love those images – looks like a marvelous place to explore. I love kayaking so am now getting excited about what lies a head – thanks 🙂

6 07 2012

Thanks, Heather, you must get a kayak and come out with us at Blue Rocks. Some Sundays there’s a few of us go out from Stonehurst and stop somewhere for a swim. When do you arrive in Nova Scotia?

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