The Tall Ships Visit Lunenburg – 2012

24 07 2012

Today, I watched from my window as some of the tall ships battled their way into Lunenburg Harbour.

They were hardly visible though the rain and squall.

But they all made it safely into port.

The Pride of Baltimore is a frequent visitor to Lunenburg and I have already written a Blog about her.

I love looking up into the rigging of these sailing ships. I have taken so many photos of the patterns of the ropes and masts, I feel I should use the patterns in a painting.

The Roseway was designed  to challenge the Bluenose in the international schooner races of the 1920s and ’30s and is an original ship, rather than a replica.

Unfortunately, the Blunose did not make it into the water as hoped. It looks like it will be next year before she sails.

I saw some of these ships at the Tall Ships Festival in Halifax in 2008.

The Tall ship Providence is a replica of America’s first warship.

The Lynx is a replica of it’s namesake that sailed during  the American War of 1812.

In contrast to these ships, the luxury motor yacht, Solaia, also arrived in Lunenburg last night.

I always enjoy the toing and froing around a working harbour.




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24 07 2012

Hope the skies clear and they have a lovely visit in Lunenburg Jackie.

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