Cape Split Hiking Trail

10 12 2012

A couple of week-ends ago we decided to head to Cape Split on the Bay of Fundy. We did drive to Scots Bay 2 or 3 years ago, but gave up because of the potholes in the road. They were worse than anywhere else in Nova Scotia.

Nothing had changed in the condition of the road, in fact it was worse, but we persevered to the end. There were diggers, machines and lots of workmen and we thought it was just our luck that the trail was closed. But no, they were just starting on work to make a new car park at the entrance to the park and seemingly there are to be 2 compostable toilets at a cost of $42,000!


We headed along the trail, enjoying the sculptures of the old trees.


There is no tree management and so trees are allowed to  grow as they like.


With trees growing horizontally and branches shooting up at odd angles.



The trail ends at Cape Split, well named.


There is no way across to the stack of rock.


So we just had to enjoy the view while we ate our picnic.



This little squirrel seemsed to be putting his tongue out at us.


There were more wild tree shapes on the return trip, a total hike of just 15 km.


We saw this abandoned church on our drive to the park and had to stop for photographs.


I can’t see anyone taking this on as a renovation project.






8 responses

10 12 2012

Looks like you had lovely weather for your hike. Probably one of the last days you could do it before the really cold weather sets in. Any snow in the forecast for you? I do like your blue skies … endless grey, winter skies for us!

10 12 2012

Apparently that church is quite a popular photography spot, still It’s neat that you ‘n I each posted images of it in the same week.

I have yet to do the Cape Split hike. How long was the return trip ?

As for those pot holes … last year they took the bottom off my catalytic converter.

11 12 2012

It was a wonderful day, Lorraine, with loads of sunshine and those blue skies. We have had a lot of rain the past 24 hours, but we do get a lot of sunshine in Nova Scotia. I thought you lived on the sunshine coast. How would solar panels work with you?

11 12 2012

We do live on The Sunshine Coast and get less rainfall that Vancouver and surround areas … but it’s all relative! It’s mild through the winter, hardly ever any snow …. but it does rain!! We’ve looked at solar panels but it’s not really worth it, at the moment.

Have a lovely holiday season, Jackie, and Merry Christmas to you and Jeff, when it comes!

11 12 2012

Yes, we obviously have the same eye for photography when we’re out – that’s such a coincidence!! The walk to Cape Split and back took about 3 hours with our picnic, but the signs say 3-4 hours. It should be great next year once they’ve boarded the wet bits and upgraded all the coastal track. Seemingly they’re going to make access points down to the beach – which will be great. We always walk in Blomidon Park, but we really liked Cape Split – we’ll be back there!

26 12 2012

I think the Cape Split has a reputation that makes it sound harder than it is … I certainly had been intimidated by it. Thought I needed 7 hours return !!!!

11 12 2012
Anne Logie

As usual great pictures .Wish I had you`r energy.

11 12 2012

It’s not a very strenuous walk Anne – pretty flat through the woods. Hopefully they’ll put some picnic benches there for next year.

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