The Killer Ketchup!

14 01 2013

I have read about the benefits of tomatoes and tomato sauce. Tomatoes have lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.
Seemingly, eating tomato sauce twice a week could reduce the risk of men developing prostate cancer by up to a third, according to new research.

Today I watched Jeff putting ketchup on his pasta, only to sit and pick out the pasta without ketchup and discard any with the tiniest trace of the red stuff. ‘I just can’t eat it,’ he said, ‘it’s far too sweet.’

This led me to look at the ingredients label on the side of the bottle.

5 g of sugar per 15 mL of ketchup

There’s 750 mL of ketchup in the bottle, so !!!!! 50 X 5g in the bottle!


That makes a total of 250 gm of sugar or 1/4 of a Kilo or almost 9 oz!!!! I have checked this and rechecked it as I just can’t believe that this is true.

This is what 8 oz of sugar looks like. Can they really have put this amount of sugar into this little bottle?


I went to the cupboard and got a tin of tomatoes to see the information on it.

2 g per 125 mL. The tin contains 796 mL.


So 6.3 X 2g = 12. 6 g of sugar. That amount looks like this. Not so bad.


I wrote to General Mills about their Oatmeal Crisp breakfast cereal being so sweet we couldn’t eat it. Their reply was that they only make what the customer requests!

So, what is the answer? Surely when diabetes is the biggest growing disease in the world, food companies should be forced to look at the ‘sugar problem.’

I suggest everyone looks at the sugar content on labels and boycotts the foods that are poisoning us.

From now on I will make my own ketchup – without any sugar!




2 responses

14 01 2013

Good for you Jackie. Great visual. Their justification is awful. They don’t give a *^(*&( about our health. If we all craved arsenic — they’d make it for us and it would be DEEEE-LISH !

14 01 2013

I am still going over the maths, Sybil, I can’t believe there’s that amount of sugar in one bottle!

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