Lunenburg, after the Storm

10 02 2013

This week-end we were hit by the snowstorm Nemo. The forecasters warned of 50cms of snow, starting on Friday night.

Yesterday, we received this picture from our friends, Susan and Roger, at Corkums Island. We go to this fish shack every Friday, during the summer, for TGIF (Thank God It’sFriday) for drinks and a game of boules.


Here we are on one of the Friday nights this past summer. All the dock we are sitting on was washed away, but luckily, when the tide went down, Roger managed to get his kayaks and gear from the shed. It has moved from its location and the floor is very badly damaged, but hopefully it can be moved and rebuilt.


Today, after a wild stormy night, we walked into Lunenburg. The road past our house had been ploughed, and wasn’t too bad.


The footpaths in town had been cleared, which is normally the case.


We passed the dry dock where  the Bluenose II is sitting, waiting for the installation of her rudder.


In town, the ploughs had left heaps of snow at the side of the roads.


Nothing was open – not even a coffee shop.


Few people were around.


Jenny Jib has some snow to clear tomorrow.


Some people hadn’t attempted to clear their paths.


Others worked with shovels,


or, as is more common, their toys.


Snow blowers are very common.


But Jeff prefers to keep fit with his shovel, so he has some work to do on our 200 yd driveway.


The prediction for the storm was much worse than the storm itself. We had blizzards every winter at Glenshee and Glen Isla, far worse than this storm which kept everyone indoors here. I must look out some Glenshee photos and put them on here.





6 responses

10 02 2013

It’s beautiful to look at the winter weather … but quite another thing to have to go out in it, or clean up after it! Glad it wasn’t as bad as forecast and that you have come through safely.

11 02 2013

I love the snow, Lorraine, it must be after those Glenshee winters. The difference here is that it’s much, much colder and even when it’s bright and sunny, it’s bitterly cold and not pleasant to walk in. We get cabin fever if we don’t get out walking and so on Saturday and Sunday got togged up and even had our face masks and ski goggles on to walk into Lunenburg. The goggles were great for the cold and the blowing snow and it was an adventure. 😉

10 02 2013

Wonderful shots from around town. Hope they get the fish shack up and running for the summer season.

11 02 2013

Thanks, Sybil, everywhere looks so good in the snow. Hopefully, come the summer, I’ll be able to put on more photos of the fish shack in her new position.

18 02 2013

Thanks for lovely snow scenes jackie. The fish shack is one of many coastal casualties with global warming! Yes, I remember scenes walking to school with only the top of the fence posts showing where the road should have been. I loved the snow laden pines most of all – but we had 8 hours of snow on wed here -all gone now.

18 02 2013

You had 8 hours of snow at Broughty Ferry! I see it’s a fantastic year at Glenshee, having to dig out some of the tows. Wish we (you and I) were there, skiing.

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