The Knitting Bug

17 06 2013

Apart from a couple of pairs of socks, I haven’t knitted anything for 30 years. I thought I might struggle, especially after breaking a wrist when we first arrived here in Canada, but I think knitting must be a bit like riding a bicycle – once you learn it, you don’t forget.

I started off with a couple of blankets, because I thought they would be the simplest, with no shaping.

A1 Then, another couple of blankets.


Then, yet another blanket, which I presented to Louise at her baby shower.

A3I found a free Paton’s pattern for a sock monkey, but think it looks pretty weird! I prefer the rabbit.

A After knitting this stripey cardigan, I still had enough wool for the wee matching helmet.


I liked this pattern, so made 3 of these.


The bright pink was bought for this waistcoat, but I used some for the hood of the little jacket.


This pattern was for newborn, but I think it might fit a dolly.


This little yellow hoody feels really cosy. I think I’ll knit another one of these.

EI bought this mint green wool in Zeller’s closing down sale, but was not happy about the quality of it. I think it will stretch quickly. If you’re taking the trouble to knit something, then it’s probably wise to buy a good wool for the job.

FpgAt the moment I’m stitching together a toy moose, have started a much better monkey than the blue one above and am knitting another cardigan.  I have the knitting bug again!




4 responses

17 06 2013

These are lovely. I was a religious knitter: everything I made was HOLEY ! lol

18 06 2013

Ha ha ha! It’s really strange getting back into knitting. Various groups have invited me to Knit and Twit, but I always(in the past 30 years) looked on knitting as boring and a waste time. Now I knit if I’m watching anything on TV – which I think is a real waste of time. One night I fell asleep and continued to knit – what a mess! But I have also been knitting, listening to music and reading!

26 07 2013

Oh that’s a hoot that you kept knitting in your sleep. You probably did better knitting in your sleep than I did awake.

31 07 2013
its-about one thing

Thanks for liking my post today. This way I have discovered your wonderful blog.I hope you make your toy moose and share it on your blog with us. I enjoyed seeing these things you have beautifully knitted and purled. 🙂

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