Another White Elephant for Aspotogan Peninsula?

6 08 2013

In 2011, I wrote about a bankrupt project on the Aspotogan Peninsula.

This was a massive hotel and sea water spa built on a rocky site on the edge of St Margaret’s Bay.

On Sunday we visited the abandoned hotel and found that the building is really beginning to suffer.

The vegetation is encroaching on the property.


The roof is being attacked by moss, lichen and algae.


And the exterior barge board and siding are needing repairs.


We had headed out to Aspotogan to find a new golf course which we’d heard was being built on the site of a Canadian Forces base at Mill Cove.

The web site of Aspotogan Ridge says

The golf course is well underway and lots are selling! 18 Lots are sold and construction of the first nine holes is nearing completion!
Irrigation, top soil, seeding & sods are slated for early Spring.
Our grow in will take place in June, July & August and we will be open for rounds in the Spring of 2014!

We walked past the Aspotogan Elementary school.


And headed out the dirt road which headed up the hill.


It was hot and sunny and after 2km we saw signs that some work had been done, breaking ground for the golf course.

It looked as if tees and greens were being formed and trees cleared for fairways.


But, the diggers and bulldozers were long gone.


There was no sign of houses, club house, or anything more than these heaps of soil and initial scrapes.


This is obviously yet another abandoned project for the  Aspotogan Peninsula.

Another big idea that has failed.

We walked back to our car and wondered if this building had once been a barracks.

Anyone know the answer?





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6 08 2013

Wanna see what it looks like inside ? I and a few friends “snuck” in last year …

Where are the barracks ? I love exploring new places.

It’s such a pity about both the spa and the golf course. I can imagine that those few folk who bought property based on the coming Spa and Golf Course must be pretty upset.

15 08 2013

Wow, Sybil, I hadn’t seen your blog about going inside!I knew there was a security guard, as he was a son of someone I spoke to somewhere. Now the driveway down to the hotel has huge rocks across, to prevent any access by vehicles. There’s probably no need for a security guard now.

6 08 2013

Jackie, your link to your earlier post has an “edit” link built into it and won’t display. I just get an error message saying I can’t edit the file.

15 08 2013

Thanks Sybil, I hope that’s it fixed now.

15 08 2013

Thanks Sybil, I hope that’s it fixed now.

15 08 2013
28 08 2013
David Curry

Hi, Sybil. Thanks for this post. As I am the owner of Lot #8 and Lot#10 in Phase 1 of this project, I have been upset by what appears to be a complete abandonment of this project. What is even more disturbing is that the developer, although accomplishing absolutely NOTHING on this project (based on the pics you provided) since around 2010, has updated the website to indicate “…Our grow in will take place in June, July & August and we will be open for rounds in the Spring of 2014!”. He seems to be attempting to fraudulently sell lots that he obviously has no intention (or ability?) to ever develop! I would appreciate hearing from you re: any updates. I will do the same.

28 08 2013

Hi David, I too saw the web site saying that a 9 hole course would be open in 2014. My husband and I were very interested in living on a golf course and went along to see the possible building sites. Of course, we have now scrubbed that as a possible area to move to. I feel very sorry for you and others who bought lots there. Can you do anything to get your money back, or has the developer gone bankrupt? Jackie

24 09 2013

From the wayback machine, the web site had this text in nov. 2009 (see ) :

“The golf course is well underway and lots are selling! 18 Lots are sold and construction of the first nine holes is nearing completion!
Irrigation, top soil, seeding & sods are slated for early Spring.
Our grow in will take place in June, July & August and we will be open for rounds in the Spring of 2011!”

Note that the text is identical except that the year has changed a few times since then. Seems dishonest, at best. I wonder what they are telling people who inquire…

24 09 2013

Thanks for commenting. Maybe we should make enquiries and see what they say. It really isn’t fair on those who have already bought lots there, hoping to be living beside a golf course.

9 11 2013

We are also owners of such a lot. Disappointment is an understatement. After the first year of owning it, the town also decided to hike up the taxes saying that the lots potentially will be worth something someday. Even after appealing we were left to pay the taxes on an inflated property assessment.
I would love to be in contact with other land owners to see if we have any recourse.

13 11 2013

I’m very sorry to hear that. It must be very distressing to be sitting on a property that is not going to have the facilities as promised. I hope something can be done as compensation to you all.

6 08 2014
Jackie Dunsworth

My husband and I drove to this site yesterday. There is plenty of action underway. word is it is happening …just not in the original time frame…and what’s with sneaking into buildings in our area? It gives us the creeps to know that people are creeping around. Why don’t you just ask the owners for a tour?

7 08 2014

I assume you are talking about the golf course and not the Spa? That’s really good if the project is eventually getting under way. That will please those who have already bought lots in the area. But I didn’t creep around any building. One of the readers of my Blog made a comment that you must have thought was me.

7 08 2014
Jackie Dunsworth

yes I was talking about the golf course and sorry about the sneaking thing…it was a reply that I thought was yours….Jackie D

3 02 2015

The building you were asking if it was a barracks was more than barracks. I used to live there when it was a naval base. You walked into the centre of the building to the left was a bar (mess) for the jr ranks. same side split down the middle on the back was a dinning hall and behind that was a kitchen. Back in the entrance way to the left were a couple of offices and the rest of the Wing was sleeping quarters. Downstairs to the left was the Chiefs and po’s mess, and behind that was the officers mess, there were sleeping quarters in that area and laundry facilities as well. I also ran a barber shop in that wing.

3 02 2015

Thanks for that, it’s always good to find things out about old buildings.

6 04 2015
Aspotogan Ridge
Just in case you were wondering if the Aspotogan Ridge Golf project was still going ahead.

6 04 2015

Thank’s for the update and link to your site. It’s good to see that something is happening now with this development. Hope golfers have a good first season.

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