Churches of Lunenburg

30 01 2010

I have mentioned St John’s Anglican Church several times in my Blog, mainly because we love to visit this Church when concerts are held there. I also gave some links to it and the history of its rebuilding after the fire in 2001, in my December 2008 Blog. This Church is in the centre of Lunenburg and we walk past it most days. It is a great landmark and I can’t imagine how the locals felt when it was destroyed.

Other local landmarks are the three Churches at Mahone Bay. Photos of these three churches, that stand at the edge of the water are common on postcards and posters of the town.

Two of these churches are painted white, whilst the third is a sort of mustard yellow.

White painted wood, with black roofs is pretty much the norm for churches here in Nova Scotia. But bell towers and spires vary and would depend on which part of Europe the immigrants came from.

It is difficult to photograph these churches without these blasted wired getting in the way!

And again ———!

These stained glass windows are quite simple, but pretty, with the flowers

and fish.

As people settled in Nova Scotia, they built their church, as it had been in their homeland. So, there are Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical, Methodist,and Lutheran churches. There is even a Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lunenburg! In many places there is a United Church, but often there are different services – Baptist at one service, then Anglican later.

This church has an unusual bell tower on the top.

And I thought this was a waterfall in the window, but perhaps it has meant to be a light?

Here is another little bell tower.

I enjoy following the Blog of a great photographer from Finland. He has photographed many old churches, but I particularly enjoyed the one of a very old Church in Petajavesi, in Finland. I love the very rustic interior. Take a look. His photographs are in a different class from mine.