Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia

31 07 2012

A couple of week-ends ago we went to Western Head, just outside Lockeport. This was our first time here and I had just found it on Google maps. There is a weather station at Western Head to track the tropical storms and hurricames that come up the Atlantic Coast.

The first thing that hit us was the abundance of beautiful wild flowers.

Is this a Ragged Fringe Orchid? I have had real difficulty identifying these flowers, as I only have a European Wild Flower Book.

These purple heads look quite like Rose Bay Willow Herb, but might be Purple Loosestrife?

Could these white, spidery flowers be Meadow Rue?

These are Swamp Candles – what a great name. I have never seen or heard of them before.

Now, I do know what this is!

Common Sow Thistle? The Blue-eyed Grass is a miniature member of the Iris family. The flowers only last for oneĀ  day, but new buds open every day during June/July.

Another Orchid?

I’d greatly appreciate help with identifying these flowers.

I wonder if the flowers on this small peninsula areĀ  particularly good this year because of the great spell of weather. I will return next year to see.