Ice Yachting in Nova Scotia

7 02 2010

Winter has well and truly set in, with temperatures well below freezing every day this past week. The result is that all the bays around us here are completely frozen over and so it’s time for the locals to have fun on the ice.

We went out walking yesterday and I forgot to lift my camera before I left! As we drove around Mahone Bay, we spotted a couple of ice yachts flying across the ice. Then on our way home we saw the whole racing club set up at Mader’s Cove end.

I did a Blog on these iceboats last year, but I think they are exciting enough for a second Blog. I took a couple of photos on my mobile phone, but then I don’t have a connector yet to put those photos onto my computer.

So I have taken these fantastic photos from the Nova Ice Yacht Club’s site. I’m sure they won’t mind the publicity.

Yesterday was sunny with bright blue skies,  although some of these photos are a bit cloudy.

Here are the racers ready to start.

This is how an ice yacht looks up close.

Not much contact with the ice.

And they’re off.

Speeding along.

Some manoeuvres look tricky,

but exciting.

Last year I gave links to a couple of you tube videos. Here are different ones.

The first shows just what we saw yesterday.      

The second shows, how to get to work in 30 seconds.   

And the third that it is quite a dangerous sport!            

I was wondering if there would be ice yachting at the Winter Olympics, but have found that it might be included in the 2014 Olympics as a demonstration sport. Maybe after that?