Lunenburg Academy

2 03 2011

The Lunenburg Academy was built between 1894-1895, after the old Academy building was destroyed by fire in 1893. It is two storeys high, with a third storey in the mansard roof. Its architecture was obviously influenced by the German settlers to Lunenburg.

The building was constructed of wood and the black and white paintwork, as well as its position on a hill overlooking the town, makes it visible from all around.

The building has many decorative features.

Both the front and rear have large projecting sections, flanked by towers.

I suppose this window at the top would be an eye-brow window, but not sure about the eye ones on either side of the window.

There are large dormer windows in the roof on each side of the towers.

TheĀ  building has 4 towers, one of them being a bell tower.

The ‘gingerbread’ decoration above doors and windows is very typical of the Victorian buildings in the town and the red shingle on the roof, help to make this a very recognisable and unique building.

The windows are all well proportioned

The entrances have these little triangular windows above them.

At night this building is even more visible from afar.

In 1984, Lunenburg Academy was designated a Provincial Heritage property.

If you would like to see inside this building go to

But the future of this building is unknown at the moment. The construction of a new Academy, to take the place of both Lunenburg Academy and Lunenburg High school has just begun. All the pupils from the old Academy will move to the new, modern, designed-for-the future, school.

The new Bluenose Academy will be the subject of a future Blog.