Hiking in Quebec

15 10 2012

I wanted to see the ski resort of Mont Sainte-Anne, not far from Quebec City, so we arranged for one night at the Chateau Mont Sainte-Anne.

We hiked up the ski runs, feeling the heat and a realised we were a bit out of condition.

We passed this picturesque picnic hut for skiers.

And made it to the restaurant at the summit, which wasn’t open. Luckily we’d brought a picnic.

One of theĀ  buildings below is our hotel.

It was cool at the top and a fog hung over the Saint Lawrence.

The next day we moved along to Baie Saint Paul and went to the Grand Jardin National Park.

The scenery en-route was impressive.

We looked up at the summit we planned to climb.

The trails led us up through the forest andĀ  we had to keep stopping to admire the views.

We made it to the top without too much difficulty.

This was one of those special days, that we will remember. I don’t think the photos do justice to the kaleidoscope of colours that assaulted our eyes.