Cape Split Revisited

26 05 2014

The last time we visited Cape Split, was in October 2012. What a thrill it was to hike this week-end and see the spring flowers. This tree has been left across the track, forcing walkers to limbo dance or skirt around it.


The forest floor was white with these little white flowers. They had 5 petals and looked a bit like wood anemones, but I can’t find their name.Image

Can anyone help me out? Are they Grass of Parnassus?


Like the tree across the path, this fallen pine was left to sit in the sky.


I love the vibrant pink of the Purple Trillium. I think Cape Split must have the most specimens I have seen anywhere.


There were just masses of plants.


I photographed this tree last time, but it has now lost one of its huge branches.


This is called Dutchman’s Breeches.


Seemingly, the flowers look like little pantaloons (upside down), hanging on a clothes line.


And of course the violets added colour everywhere.


At the end of the trail is Cape Split itself. The seagulls seemed to be happy that they were on an island.


This was the best shot I could get with my little camera, I should have had my other one.


There was more colour to see as we drove back through Scots Bay.

ImageI remembered, too late, that I was going to look for Ami McKay’s house at Scots Bay. She is the author of ‘The Birth House’ and the book is set in this rural location. I reread this book after my last visit to Cape Split and could imagine the characters as she described them.tbh-newest



5 responses

27 05 2014

I cannot believe that I still haven’t done the Cape Split hike. Thanks for the inspiring post.

27 05 2014

Do it this week, while those flowers are still there. I still have that white carpet in my head. Wear boots as the track is very wet and muddy in places.

28 05 2014

You must visit Cape Split, while the flowers are still there. I have this vision of white still in my head. Remember your hiking boots, as the track is very muddy in places.

21 10 2014

Jackie, I finally did the Cape Split hike in June with a visiting friend from Ontario. Gosh I found it harder and longer than I thought it would be but I was glad I did it.

You haven’t posted in ages. I can’t find your email. I’m gonna be down in Lunenburg in November and wondered if you wanted to get together for a coffee. My email is:

25 11 2015

I stumbled across your blog while doing some research on the Port Joli area. The flowers you were trying to id are called Spring Beauties (Claytonia caroliniana). What a sight eh? I remember hiking the trail many years ago in May. I was just stunned by all the spring woodland flowers. Glad your enjoying life here on the east coast šŸ™‚

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