Crescent Beach, February 2015

28 02 2015

 Today we had an exciting trip to Crescent Beach.

The La Have River was frozen over.


But the ferry was managing to keep the crossing clear.

BlogA1The sea was a solid layer of ice,


except for the pack ice on each side of the ferry.


The ferry dragged itself through the blocks of ice.


Just getting onto Crescent Beach was quite a feat.


The sea ice and snow made a solid bank.


There were loads of tree patterns in the sand


And ice stalactites.


It was good to walk on the sand without the fear of falling on the ice.


The ferry was still keeping the route open as we drove home along the river.




3 responses

28 02 2015
Rebecca Eliza

I’ve never seen Crescent Beach in the winter, great photos! Looks absolutely freezing!

1 03 2015

I was surprised that you could walk on the beach. I haven’t been to the shore in 6 weeks at least. Sooo darn icy and tough walking.

I had to visit Google Earth to see where the LeHavre Ferry was and also Crescent Beach. What an amazing place ! The road continues on so you can drive from one little island to the next. I Have added Crescent Beach and its road to my travelling list for this summer.

The shot of the ferry surrounded by ice reminds me of my driveway ! lol

6 04 2015

Sorry, Sybil, have just seen your comment. The little museum on Jenkins Island is interesting. Have you been to Risser’s Beach?

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