White Point Resort, Rises from the Ashes.

17 11 2012

Last week-end we decided to head to White Point. We hadn’t been there since May of this year, when I wrote this Blog about the rebuilding of the main lodge.


The plan was to see if the new hotel was now complete and walk along the beach and golf course.

There seemed to be a lot of activity on the drive-way in and then we saw this sign.

We still weren’t any the wiser as to why we needed wristbands, so we parked the car and walked to the new building.

Once we realised it was Nova Scotia Music Week, with events being held at various locations in Liverpool and here at White Point, we knew this was not the day to see the inside of the lodge. So we walked around the building to the beach.

The new building looks just as WHW – the architects,  had shown on their video, with steps leading down to the beach,

White Point beachstone was used for the foundation and pillars.

I like the rough pine siding, but am not so sure about the white siding on the top half and the white widow frames.

Perhaps the design is too tradional for me, a lover of more modern designs, but then that is what everyone was calling out for after the fire – something that still looked like the old White Point.

The setting is still amazing and the views from inside must be fantastic.

We walked along to the golf course and looked back to where the shuttering had been in May.

Next time we visit White Point I will get some photos of the inside.

Canadian Outhouses

2 01 2009

I only ever remember visiting an outside toilet (of a house) in Scotland once and that was over 50 years ago in the mining village where I grew up. Today they are a very rare occurrence , but here in Atlantic Canada, very close to our house, there still remains several of these structures. We think that the fact that the ground at Blue Rocks and Stonehurst is solid rock would have caused real problems digging drains in the past.

Below I just wish to show photographs of outhouses in various states of repair. Some of the locations are fantastic.


Some are now used as garden sheds.


Others are used for animals or to tie the washing.


Many are  now overgrown.


And even in danger of falling over completely.


Whereas this outhouse we photographed last winter ………..


looks as if it has been renovated by Colin and Justin.

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