White Point Beach Resort

8 05 2012

White Point Beach Resort opened in 1928, right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia. It has a 9 hole golf course, tennis and volley ball courts, surf shop, kayak rental, paddle boats, walking trails, and much more.

Although we have visited the resort a few times, I did not take this photo below, which shows the main building and outdoor swimming pool.

Unfortunately, there was a devastating fire in November 2012.  Here is a video which shows just how quickly the fire fire spread through the wooden building.


Last Sunday, we headed to White Point. We approached the ocean from White Point No 1 Road and walked across the golf course to the stony beach.

Some houses look as if they are almost built right on the beach.

I particularly like this huge boulder balancing on the large pebble.

The sun was blinding as it sparkled on the ocean

The last time we were here at this bay, there was a good surf,

and I took lots of photos of crashing waves and rocks.

This time, the sea was not so dramatic, but several surfers thought it was worth the effort.

Some paddled out to try to catch a wave.

It seemed that there was enough of a surf for some to get going.

even if it was just for a short while.

As we walked around the bay, we looked over to where the resort building had been. The green building is the administration building and you can see the beach side cabins and  the shuttering ready for the concrete of the new hotel.

At the resort everything seemed silent at the ocean cabins,

and the woodland cabins.

We didn’t even see any of the bunnies that normally hop around everywhere.

According to the web site, White Point is planning to reopen in November of this year.

The company of architects which designed the future  building is WHW of Halifax. This is the same firm that designed the new Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg.

You can see the design here.


There is a lot  of construction to be done before then, but I am sure the resort will flourish again.


Winter in Mahone Bay

22 02 2011

I love the different seasons and enjoy each and every one. In the middle of summer, I am too busy enjoying the coastline here to think about winter. But then when winter comes, it has its own beauty.

Here Cameron and I are taking out his canoe for a first trip on the Back Harbour at Lunenburg in 2008.

Then Jeff and I bought a kayak and again launched it from the little beach at Back Harbour,

before paddling around the Bay and into Martin’s Cove.

But every winter the bays change and are more suited to hockey, skating and fishing.

This is looking across from our launch beach.

A few miles along the coast is Mahone Bay, where we first rented a kayak and tried out the sport.

The yachts are all lifted out of the water and wrapped up for the winter.

These three churches are on all the pictures and calendars of Mahone Bay.

We kayaked around this island, on that first paddle. It is called Strum Island and is one of 300 islands in Mahone Bay. It was bought in 2003 and denuded of all its trees, causing a great deal of controversy.  The owners built this massive mansion on it, which sticks up like a sore thumb.

Looking across to the town of  Mahone Bay from the Oakland road.

That same wharf from the other side.

The ice splits and heaves up around boulders.

This seal found a break onto the surface to rest. But Jeff took this photo for me and didn’t seem to be able to zoom in!

I dont seem to have photos of Mahone Bay in the summer – when it is packed full of yachts. That’s a project for this summer.

Heckman’s Island to The Rackets and Sacrifice Island

26 05 2009

Today was another lovely calm day so we decided to try the kayaking around Blue Rocks. A couple of miles from the house and we were unloading the kayak into the water at the cranberry farm on Heckman’s Island. The water was like the proverbial mill pond, so it was easy paddling out.


We headed towards the Rackets first of all to see if we could see any seals. They were popping up all around us and then diving back down.

You might be able to see the black heads on the water here.

Seals in distance

And the splash as one dives down.

Seal splash

The mothers were crying to the pups and telling them to follow them. I tried to get a video – not great, but you might be able to see something.


We landed on Sacrifice Island and I bent to help Jeff lift the kayak up the beach, only to do something to my back and be left standing in agony with pain going from the base of my back down both legs. I couldn’t move and didn’t know how I was going to get back to the mainland. My mobile phone was working so I thought we could always call the air ambulance.

I managed another little video, but now I have found out how to take them and put them on you tube, I’ll be able to treat you to some more of our adventures.


I eventually managed to get myself seated on the kayak and Jeff found the paracetamol in the First Aid bag. I managed my picnic and then with a bit of trouble got back on my feet.

This is a view from Sacrifice Island. You can see why it is such a great area to kayak with all the little islands and rocky ledges.


We heard a strange noise and found this little seal pup lying sucking on a boulder. Jeff took this photo of it.

Seal pup1

I managed to get myself back into the kayak and Jeff paddled all the way home himself. we had a great view of an osprey as we landed and if I’d had the better camera could have had a photo of the nest on the top of a tall dead pine, with a bird sitting in it.

Another great trip.

Prince’s Inlet – Part 2

25 05 2009

Past the yacht club on Herman’s Island there are some more lovely houses. Again, this house has its own separate guest house. This is one of our favourites.

past yacht club

Then there is this ultra modern design by the architect Mackay Lyons. I do like the park like setting it has.

Mackay lyons

This little tern, resting on this float, wasn’t too happy about us passing close by.


So he flew off.Tern off

We made our way across to a little beach on Covey Island and hauled up.


Jeff just couldn’t wait to get into the picnic.

Jeff at picnicWe sat and looked back over to Herman’s Island, then paddled around Covey Island and back to Prince’s Inlet.

Island Picnic spot

Prince’s Inlet to Covey Island

25 05 2009

On Saturday we decide to try another little paddle on a different local bay, Prince’s Inlet. It was a beautiful sunny day, as we unloaded the kayak and set off.

kayak viewThere are some particularly lovely houses around this bay, with the most amazing locations. If we win the lottery then this would definitely be an area where  we would like to buy a house. We have  seen these houses from the back (roadside) but it was nice to pass right along below their front gardens.

House 1

I particularly like this natural wooden house with its lovely garden and Scot’s Pine trees. It seems to fit into its setting very well.

House 2A

And how would you like to come and stay at the guest house of the house on the right?

House 3 guest andmain

Again the location is everything.

House 4

Many houses have their own dock.House 5 with dockWe paddled past the Lunenburg Yacht Club on Herman’s Island. As you can see it is not quite the season here yet, most people waiting till mid June to put their boats into the water.

yacht club 1

But we did pass one lone yacht further out in the bay.Lone yacht 3

July/August, these waters will be full of yachts and power boats. It was nice to have the water to ourselves this week-end.

You can see our route on Google maps at


I’ll put the second lot of photos on part 2 of this Blog.

Kayaking around Lunenburg

9 05 2009

Lat weekend we went up to Halifax and bought ourselves a tandem kayak. This is something we have been promising ourselves since we had a day trip around Mahone Bay in a rented kayak last year. Louise and Cameron bought a 17′ canoe and have already had a few trips out, in fact we had a wee shot the first time they put it into the water. (You can read all about their canoe project on Louise’s Blog). Here we are below in their canoe, although I look as if I am paddling a kayak and not a canoe.IMG_0331

I went shopping for life jackets and we had to find a roof rack for our Honda CRV, this week, before we could try out our new toy. So, this morning we rose nice and early and loaded everything up. Yesterday’s fog had gone and it was a lovely morning.

DSC04783We were only driving to the Back Harbour at Lunenburg, a distance of about a mile, but the kayak had to be tied down no matter how far we were travelling. Jeff thought he’d pose to show you how he looks in his new life jacket and kayak skirt, before we set off.

DSC04787We headed across Back Harbour and around the coast past Heckman’s Island.


We saw a tiny island with about 50 cormorants drying their wings, but my camera would not take any photos! Then a seal popped up not faraway, but again no photo! We paddled across to Second Peninsula and then right up the length of  the Peninsula to a little beach, where we hauled up and had our picnic in a field. The black flies were quite bad, so we didn’t sit too long, before almost retracing our route, back to the start. You can see our trip on Google maps here.


This was a great first paddle for us, only about 15 km, but hopefully we’ll have lots of adventures to share with you this summer. And I might get some good photos. I did find out when I got home that the Memory card in the camera was full – still with wedding photos from the evening reception at Insch!

Anyone have any good ideas for a name for our new craft – I wondered about Blue Queen – obviously because of the famous Bluenose here in Lunenburg. Please add your suggestions by clicking on ‘Comment’.