The Picton Castle Leaves Lunenburg

18 04 2012

The Picton Castle returned to Lunenburg last June after her 5th World voyage.

We have enjoyed seeing her in Lunenburg all winter, but knew that she’d leave soon on another trip.

Her new crew arrived and last week was a busy week, preparing the ship and taking on supplies.

I thought these were boxes of crisps or potato chips, but on looking closer, I see they are apples, with a Trout label, from Chelan Lake.

The ship was due to leave Lunenburg Harbour at 2pm, on Monday.

But the fog had come in overnight

and you could hardly see across the bay to the golf course.

The crew were swabbing the deck,

the bananas were sleeping,

and the laundry was hung out to dry.

T shirts were handed out to the crew and the decision made to wait until Tuesday morning to sail.

It was still foggy yesterday, but I spotted the Picton Castle as she motored out of the bay, heading for Bermuda. I hope she managed to find enough wind to raise her sails. Today is a beautiful day. I’m sure they’ll all have a wonderful trip.

Foggy Walk around Lunenburg

10 01 2012

The Fog

The fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking over
harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Carl sandburg

We had a quiet foggy walk around Lunenburg yesterday.

The Picton Castle sat swathed in a white cloak.

and the Caledonia peered out to sea.

The scallop boats dreamt about their next trip.

Whilst the lobster boats dosed at the side of the wharf.

But this  little boat was going nowhere,  hiding in its smoke-screen.

Foggy Nova Scotia

29 06 2009

When Jeff and I first came to Nova Scotia to see if we’d like to live here, we went first to Cape Breton, then to the Annapolis Valley. I did not want to look at the coast from Halifax to Yarmouth, because I’d read in the guide books that it was always foggy. So, the day before we had to fly back to Scotland we thought we’d head to the airport via Lunenburg and the South Shore. That was May 2007 and Lunenburg was in the middle of a heat wave with no fog visible. We fell in love with Lunenburg at first sight and made that our goal. Last year was our first summer in our house at Lunenburg and we did have several foggy days – I keep a record of them in my diary – but normally the fog would lift by about 10am. We have now had 10 foggy days in a row, and although it is hot, I would really like to see the sky for a bit.

On Sunday, we had a lovely foggy walk past the houses we’d photographed when we kayaked here.

Fog 1

You can see how foggy it is out to sea.Fog 3

Tonight we had a walk around Lunenburg, so I thought I’d take some different foggy shots, like Lunenburg Harbour.

Fog 4The trees along the edge of the golf course.Fog 7

The osprey’s nest in the fog

Fog 6And the Blue Nose.

Fog 5It is all very beautiful and atmospheric but hopefully the wind will change direction soon and we’ll get some bright sunny days, free from the sound of the fog horn.