Blue Rocks, kayaking again.

5 07 2012

Today is wet and foggy, but I don’t mind as we have had a really good spell of weather.

Yesterday we took the kayaks down to Blue Rocks, again.

We left Blue Rocks, before 8 am.


The sea was like a mill pond, as we headed out beyond these little islands.

This island has 3 houses on it and  is linked to Stonehurst by a  small wooden bridge. I mentioned it in a previous blog about ouhouses.

We tried to catch some mackerel for lunch, but no luck.

What is so amazing about Blue Rocks and Stonehurst are these narrow channels, many accessible by kayak only.

It’s like entering another world.

Slabs of rock and stunted trees.We didn’t see any otters on this trip, but there are plenty around – hopefully next time.

We paddled back around to the other side of the little island,

and under the bridge,

back along to Blue Rocks.

I feel so fortunate to have such a place, so close to home,

with exciting paddling, great wildlife, and colourful boat sheds.

Kayaking around Stonehurst

3 08 2010

It’s kayaking season here again and we have had a couple of short trips out from Back Harbour and Stonehurst.

Last week we paddled around Heckman’s Island – that is a first for us.

The great thing about kayaking is that you see buildings and places that you would never see from the land – like these docks, houses and boat sheds.



These look like 3 little holiday cabins.


Stonehurst has lots of natural, safe harbours.

This is a dock that we have walked to. It is a lovely spot, well away from the road and right on the edge of Tanner’s Pass.

I like this guest house, built on the rocks.

These barnacles look so clean!

There were seals out at the Rackets – where we saw them last year.

There are just so many herons around. Every cove has several, fishing.

We spotted this bald eagle.

I have marked out our route on Google Maps and it is almost 20kms.,-64.233541&spn=0.016627,0.045447&z=15

Kayaking at Blue Rocks

4 08 2009

Just had to put on these photos of our latest kayaking trip on Sunday. For the first time, I didn’t take my camera, and so of course we saw so much. Luckily Bob had his camera.

It was an amazingly hot morning and we left the little rocky cove at Stonehurst and paddled round to Blue Rocks. We paddled between East Point Island and Little East Point Island and there we came across this baby seal, completely on its own. It wanted to play and talk and just swam around us and lay on the bottom looking at us. This is a fantastic photo that Bob shot.


If you look closely you can see the pup swimming around down below us.

Playing with a baby seal - Blue rocks Aug 2nd '09 008

Then we landed on a little beach to have a break. Roger had just gone in for a swim when this otter mother and her 3 cubs appeared. The mother was making blowing noises and kept bringing the cubs in to look at us, before diving down. Sometimes, she surfaced with the young ones on her back.

Jeff decided to join them for a swim.


Then as we paddled off, they followed us and swam around us. They seemed to be very friendly and were just very inquisitive.


We didn’t want to leave them, it was just such a marvellous experience to be so close to these lovely creatures. I think it will be a long time before we have a better trip than this one.