Lunenburg Winter 2015

15 02 2015

We didn’t have a white Christmas here at Lunenburg, but we’ve seen nothing but the white stuff since the New Year.

Backharbour2The Back Harbour is usually frozen over in the winter, but it seems even more so this year, with the covering of snow on top of the ice.


It’s difficult to see what is land and what is sea, although you can clearly see the ocean in the background.


The Polar Prince icebreaker, sits in the ice.


I have never seen the front harbour frozen like this, since we came here in 2007!


Hopefully the Blue Nose will sail this summer.



It doesn’t look as if the lobster boats are going to get to their traps any time soon.


Some views of the town from the golf course road.


The famous Fisheries Museum.


And a different view of the Blue Nose.


The snow around the town is loaded onto lorries and cleared away, but there are still some big heaps.




Every roof and window is like this, I just thought this was pretty.


More snow heaped at the roadside at St. John’s Church.

Today is another snowy, stormy day, with several more snow days forecast for this week. I really love winter and snow, but it’s so cold that there’s not much we can do outside. It’s even too cold to go skiing!

Foggy Nova Scotia

29 06 2009

When Jeff and I first came to Nova Scotia to see if we’d like to live here, we went first to Cape Breton, then to the Annapolis Valley. I did not want to look at the coast from Halifax to Yarmouth, because I’d read in the guide books that it was always foggy. So, the day before we had to fly back to Scotland we thought we’d head to the airport via Lunenburg and the South Shore. That was May 2007 and Lunenburg was in the middle of a heat wave with no fog visible. We fell in love with Lunenburg at first sight and made that our goal. Last year was our first summer in our house at Lunenburg and we did have several foggy days – I keep a record of them in my diary – but normally the fog would lift by about 10am. We have now had 10 foggy days in a row, and although it is hot, I would really like to see the sky for a bit.

On Sunday, we had a lovely foggy walk past the houses we’d photographed when we kayaked here.

Fog 1

You can see how foggy it is out to sea.Fog 3

Tonight we had a walk around Lunenburg, so I thought I’d take some different foggy shots, like Lunenburg Harbour.

Fog 4The trees along the edge of the golf course.Fog 7

The osprey’s nest in the fog

Fog 6And the Blue Nose.

Fog 5It is all very beautiful and atmospheric but hopefully the wind will change direction soon and we’ll get some bright sunny days, free from the sound of the fog horn.