A New Life for the Old Windmill

26 01 2011

I wrote last March of a beautiful old windmill we passed on our trips to Green Bay and Broad Cove.



I wondered then, if it had been used to pump water to the farm, but the son of the builder commented and informed me it was used to produce electricity.

Another comment was from Lester Robinson, with the news that the windmill had been bought by the Hamachi Group, and would be moving to Beaver River, near Yarmouth, in Nova Scotia. There it would be restored and become an information centre for the wind farm and eco centre.

When I travelled the Petite-Riviere road in the summer, I saw that the blades and top part of the windmill had gone.

And the old windmill didn’t look quite so grand.

Lester has sent me some recent photos of the windmill, showing its removal from the original site.

Its exciting journey down the highway.

And the start of its reconstruction at Beaver river.

I’m sure everything will be done to restore this lovely old building and give it a useful life once more.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more, with photos of the restored windmill and the wind farm.




3 responses

28 01 2011
randal smith

the old windmills structure has been restored ,the blades will be restored over the winter and the top will be put on in the spring. pics to follow shortly

29 01 2011

Thank you for commenting on my post. Are you doing the work on the windmill. I look forward to more photos of this lovely windmill.

2 02 2011

Fantastic. You made so excellent photo report, that I enjoyed it with full heart!

I love these old windmills. Every time when I drive around my country and see a “new” one, I stop and take photos from it.

What was striking to in Your first photo, was the similarity of the windmill I have photographed in Elimäki.

I give here the link, so You can notice the same as I did.


Last windmill in my series is from November 2010.

Thank You for this lovely post.

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