Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre

30 03 2014

The  Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre is a brand new recreation facility in Bridgewater.

The architects were Diamond and Schmitt  in partnership with Lydon Lynch.


The glass and wood make a light entrance.


There was a hockey game going on in the arena, which has seating for 1,200.


The swimming pool isn’t yet open, but hopefully that will be very soon. There is a 25 metre competitive pool and a therapeutic pool.


The library isn’t huge, but the staff were very helpful and tried to find what we were looking for – even if it was at the other side of the province.


There are great views from the huge picture windows.


I presume the tie bars in the roof are to stabilise the structure.


Outside there is a very fancy bike shed.


I am a fan of modern architecture and love buildings that are built for today. I think I will enjoy this centre.

Another White Elephant for Aspotogan Peninsula?

6 08 2013

In 2011, I wrote about a bankrupt project on the Aspotogan Peninsula.

This was a massive hotel and sea water spa built on a rocky site on the edge of St Margaret’s Bay.

On Sunday we visited the abandoned hotel and found that the building is really beginning to suffer.

The vegetation is encroaching on the property.


The roof is being attacked by moss, lichen and algae.


And the exterior barge board and siding are needing repairs.


We had headed out to Aspotogan to find a new golf course which we’d heard was being built on the site of a Canadian Forces base at Mill Cove.

The web site of Aspotogan Ridge says

The golf course is well underway and lots are selling! 18 Lots are sold and construction of the first nine holes is nearing completion!
Irrigation, top soil, seeding & sods are slated for early Spring.
Our grow in will take place in June, July & August and we will be open for rounds in the Spring of 2014!

We walked past the Aspotogan Elementary school.


And headed out the dirt road which headed up the hill.


It was hot and sunny and after 2km we saw signs that some work had been done, breaking ground for the golf course.

It looked as if tees and greens were being formed and trees cleared for fairways.


But, the diggers and bulldozers were long gone.


There was no sign of houses, club house, or anything more than these heaps of soil and initial scrapes.


This is obviously yet another abandoned project for the  Aspotogan Peninsula.

Another big idea that has failed.

We walked back to our car and wondered if this building had once been a barracks.

Anyone know the answer?


Blue Rocks, kayaking again.

5 07 2012

Today is wet and foggy, but I don’t mind as we have had a really good spell of weather.

Yesterday we took the kayaks down to Blue Rocks, again.

We left Blue Rocks, before 8 am.


The sea was like a mill pond, as we headed out beyond these little islands.

This island has 3 houses on it and  is linked to Stonehurst by a  small wooden bridge. I mentioned it in a previous blog about ouhouses.

We tried to catch some mackerel for lunch, but no luck.

What is so amazing about Blue Rocks and Stonehurst are these narrow channels, many accessible by kayak only.

It’s like entering another world.

Slabs of rock and stunted trees.We didn’t see any otters on this trip, but there are plenty around – hopefully next time.

We paddled back around to the other side of the little island,

and under the bridge,

back along to Blue Rocks.

I feel so fortunate to have such a place, so close to home,

with exciting paddling, great wildlife, and colourful boat sheds.

White Point Beach Resort

8 05 2012

White Point Beach Resort opened in 1928, right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia. It has a 9 hole golf course, tennis and volley ball courts, surf shop, kayak rental, paddle boats, walking trails, and much more.

Although we have visited the resort a few times, I did not take this photo below, which shows the main building and outdoor swimming pool.

Unfortunately, there was a devastating fire in November 2012.  Here is a video which shows just how quickly the fire fire spread through the wooden building.

Last Sunday, we headed to White Point. We approached the ocean from White Point No 1 Road and walked across the golf course to the stony beach.

Some houses look as if they are almost built right on the beach.

I particularly like this huge boulder balancing on the large pebble.

The sun was blinding as it sparkled on the ocean

The last time we were here at this bay, there was a good surf,

and I took lots of photos of crashing waves and rocks.

This time, the sea was not so dramatic, but several surfers thought it was worth the effort.

Some paddled out to try to catch a wave.

It seemed that there was enough of a surf for some to get going.

even if it was just for a short while.

As we walked around the bay, we looked over to where the resort building had been. The green building is the administration building and you can see the beach side cabins and  the shuttering ready for the concrete of the new hotel.

At the resort everything seemed silent at the ocean cabins,

and the woodland cabins.

We didn’t even see any of the bunnies that normally hop around everywhere.

According to the web site, White Point is planning to reopen in November of this year.

The company of architects which designed the future  building is WHW of Halifax. This is the same firm that designed the new Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg.

You can see the design here.

There is a lot  of construction to be done before then, but I am sure the resort will flourish again.


Fun Night at Lunenburg Curling Club

10 02 2011

Friday night is Fun Night at Lunenburg Curling Club. It’s a night when anyone can come along to curl, whether they have played before or not. There is no pressure to win for a team and the losers even have a drink bought for them.

Here is Jeff, looking a bit serious, or just concentrating on his shot.

The games are under way and Roger is watching his stone intently.

It’s Bill’s turn to throw.

And Jeff gets started sweeping.

The red team  plan where they need to put the next rock.

It looks as if the red are lying 2 at this point.

Ron sets another stone on its way.

And his team sweep.

The broom marks the line the curler has to take.

And the blue already have 2 stones.

After the curling, there is a feast in the lounge, supplied by different sponsors each week. The week of these photos, was Nova Scotia Building Supplies. Other sponsors are the Lunenburg Fire Department, Adams and Knickle, Friends of Corkum’s Island and TD Bank.

I don’t curl, since I hurt my back, but it is still fun to watch the curling and enjoy the food and drink.

What a great way to spent a Friday night in the middle of winter in Lunenburg.

Kayaking around Stonehurst

3 08 2010

It’s kayaking season here again and we have had a couple of short trips out from Back Harbour and Stonehurst.

Last week we paddled around Heckman’s Island – that is a first for us.

The great thing about kayaking is that you see buildings and places that you would never see from the land – like these docks, houses and boat sheds.



These look like 3 little holiday cabins.


Stonehurst has lots of natural, safe harbours.

This is a dock that we have walked to. It is a lovely spot, well away from the road and right on the edge of Tanner’s Pass.

I like this guest house, built on the rocks.

These barnacles look so clean!

There were seals out at the Rackets – where we saw them last year.

There are just so many herons around. Every cove has several, fishing.

We spotted this bald eagle.

I have marked out our route on Google Maps and it is almost 20kms.,-64.233541&spn=0.016627,0.045447&z=15

Curling in Canada and the Olympics

26 02 2010

It’s a bit odd that we come from Scotland, but never tried curling until we came to Canada.  Although Scotland is the ‘home ‘ of curling, there are not the massive number of curling rinks available, as there are here in Canada. Every small town has its curling club and here in Lunenburg, a town of  2,500 people, we have a very nice 4 sheet shed.

I stole this photo from Louise’s Blog.

When we lived in Glenshee, there was a tiny outdoor curling pond that had been used when winters were cold enough, but we never saw anyone playing there. I think it must be great fun to play outside, like this group in Toronto in 1914.

I found this interesting Blog from Skip Cottage Curling club in Scotland.

We have been watching the curling at the Olympics and were really looking forward to a Canada/ Scotland final. But David Murdoch’s team were beaten  by Sweden  in a tie breaker.

Canada went on to beat Sweden last night and so now face Norway in the final tomorrow.

I’m sorry, I’ve totally been talking about mens curling when the Canadian women play in the final this afternoon, against Sweden!

Like Kevin Martin’s team, Cheryl Bernard’s is amazing.

Good Luck to both teams, it would be a great double.