Spring is here!

11 04 2009

Yesterday was Good Friday and so we decided to have a trip to Digby on the Bay of Fundy, as we haven’t driven that far yet. Digby is a littleĀ  fishing town, famous for its scallops and is also the port for the ferry to Saint John in New Brunswick. It was almost a 3 hour drive, but it was a beautiful morning and the roads were empty, despite it being a holiday.

digby-harbourDigby harbour is not very different from any other but you can see what a fabulous day it was.

There wasn’t too much to interest us in Digby, most places being closed either because of the holiday or because they don’t open for the season till June. We had a look at the map and decide to head up the River to Bear River. We had no idea what it was like, just saw the name and followed the road signs. There was still snow at the sides of the road and in the woods, but this scene in a garden at Bear River was the first colour we’ve seen this year. I see these are called Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow, which is an apt name for the first flowers after the snow.

blue-flowersBear River is built on the Bear River!!! The first building we spotted was the Tourist Information Centre in a traditional Dutch windmill!


This Flights of Fancy store is a very nice Gallery shop with some really unusual crafts.

craft-shop-2 Unfortunately, it was closed and we could only window shop. One of these carvings is from an elk’s antler, the other from a whale’s vertebrae. You can see me taking the photo and Jeff peering for a price label – which incidentally was $2,300!whale-bone-carvingWe had our picnic with us, so weren’t too concerned that the Changing Tides Diner was closed.

dinerOr that Inn Out of the Fog, hadn’t yet started its season.

innThere was so much to see in this tiny community, that I will add a second article on it in a few days, so that you can see some more of the photos.

Our town – Lunenburg

27 11 2008

When we moved to Nova Scotia, we were sure that we wanted to live in the country again, as we had in Glenshee. However, after looking around the area for several months we decided to buy at Lunenburg. We are just outside the town, but close enough to walk in if we wish to or have to. Lunenburg is just about the right size of town for us, with only a population of 2,500. Yet, it has everything you would need in a small town. Unlike most American towns, it has pavements (sidewalks) and so you can walk to the Post Office, the Banks, the Library, the supermarket, small stores and the Pub. It also has a small indoor heated swimming pool, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, 9 hole golf course, curling rink, ice hockey rink, recreation centre, theatre and more. There are numerous art galleries and a very good series of concerts performed at the St John’s Church. We have tickets for the ‘Concert of 100 Candles’ next Saturday and I’m sure that will get us all into the Christmas mood.

Lunenburg is an interesting old town with its own history and unique architecture. It is an UNESCO World Heritage site and so attracts many tourists in the summer. We are looking forward to showing you all around next summer. I’ll include some links so that you can look at the old houses, fishing museum and Blue Nose. We watch the Blue Nose from our kitchen window as it takes tourists out for trips. That is a treat we are looking forward to next year – it must be really exciting.

Lunenburg Harbour at night

Lunenburg Harbour at night

Bluenose from our window

Bluenose from our window